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Scanners vs Copiers

Never used a scanner before? No problem! Below is all you need to know to make a smooth transition from copier to scanner.

"The flatbed scanner is very much like a copy machine, to the extent that it has a glass plate under a lid, and a moving light that scans across under it... like a copy machine, a flatbed scanner allows you to scan photos, paper documents, books, magazines, large maps, or even 3-dimensional objects (those that don't have a lot of depth, coins for example), etc. But instead of creating another piece of paper like a copy machine does, scanners instead create an image in memory, which we can do with as we please." (Fulton, "Scanning Basics 101")

Digital images allow you to show your document or photo on a screen, save it, email it, fax it, print it, and more. Digital files (unlike papers) never get lost in a stack, fade, or decay. Digital files actually make researching and archiving easier because you can instantly access your work on a variety of mediums - for free. Going digital also helps the environment by cutting down paper and toner waste.

In 2011 alone:
  • Copy demand was down by 20-30%
  • Scanning volume was rising 40%+
Source: Fulton, Wayne. "A Few Scanning Tips." Scanning Basics 101. 1997. Web. 17 Feb. 2012. <http://www.scantips.com>