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Simple Scan Station
What is Simple Scan Station?

Simple Scan is an easy to use touch-screen scanning device that scans, saves, and sends all your documents, photos, magazines and more. The Simple Scan Station can automatically auto-crop, auto-straighten and auto-orient each page scanned.

Simple scan can do anything that a traditional scanner or copier can do - but instead of printing the document, Simple Scan can save or send your document virtually anywhere.

Because Simple Scan is completely digital there is no paper or toner waste that occurs by using a traditional copy machine. Also, Simple Scan has a unique patented scanner design that allows the book page to lie flat on the glass and protects the spine of the book from damage.

What can Simple Scan Do?

Simple Scan scans your document in crystal clear quality, gives you the option to save in many different formats, and send or save your item to many different places.

What formats can I save my document in after I scan it?

You can save your scanned item in the following formats:
  • PDF's
  • Searchable PDF
  • Word
  • TIFF
  • JPEG

What happens after I choose my format?

After you decide how you want your scanned item saved, Simple Scan's touch screen guides you through several ways to save or send it including:
  • Save to USB
  • Send to email
  • Save to a Network Folder
  • Send to Google Docs
  • Send to print
  • Fax your item

For further information on using the Simple Scan, please click on the "How To Use" tab. You will find detailed instructions and videos to make the process as easy as possible.